What You Should Expect

Maximize Your Vacation Experience (and your time)

Over 6 years ago, I was led to the travel industry buy a certified travel advisor who had a true passion for travel. Now I specialize in vacation planning including cruises, river cruises, all-inclusive resorts, and escorted tours worldwide and draw on my knowledge and experience to help client best use their time planning and while on their trips.

I Can Eliminate Hours of Research

Given the numerous sites and resources available online, today’s consumers are over loaded with data. They can be easily overwhelmed and need assistance to filter information.  Together, we can move beyond the basics while researching a vacation and create a sense of comfort and security.

The Right Service in the Right Place at the Right Time

You should expect your travel advisor to go above and beyond to plan a seamless memorable travel experience. Most vacations may have layers of components – airfare, lodging, rentals, excursions and so on. A good travel advisor will offer you peace of mind, they will ensure that orchestrating and booking these arrangements is seamless.

Planning for and Resolving the Inevitable

When you begin to plan your vacation it is important to work with an advisor who has established relationships with tour operators. Your travel advisor is your advocate and a liaison between tour operators and you.

Expect the Unexpected

Safety and security is a number one priority and tour operators have a global response team in place. Your travel advisor will have the tools to solve a situation.

Tailoring a Vacation for You

As an experienced travel professional, I will get to know you, your needs and desires in a way that allows me to provide the bet suggestions to you. I will ask you about your vacation ideas and how I can help. I will want to know about your past vacations  and what you are expecting from  your next vacation experience.

Insider Knowledge

As a specialists in the cruise industry, I can also offer an important value – insider tips, knowledge about pre and post cruise alternatives – mostly from personal experiences.

I draw on years of experience and relationships with all the cruise lines and tour operators. Access to all travel companies, their promotions and itineraries enable me to provide you the best offer available.

The world is an ever changing environment – you need and should expect exceptional service.