Plan Ahead

About 2 months before travel I mentally prepare a list for packing and shop for the items I will need for the trip. As I prepare I think about where I will be going and how I plan to spend my days.

About a week before me travel I set everything out and pack my bags as a trial run. Using plastic bags to separate clothing is an excellent way for staying organized on the road. If it doesn’t fit I begin to reduce my wardrobe. Less is better but I am sure to take my favorite items because I will surely wear the same clothes more than once.

Design Your Travel Wardrobe

I use black and white as my summer base color for pants and shorts then choose my favorite colors of green, white and black for tops, sweaters and shawls. I pack for up to seven days and expect to take advantage of the hotel laundry services.

Comfortable stylish walking shoes including sneakers are packed in plastic. I packing accessories for all occasions but leave valuables at home.


Don’t Forget

As I think about packing toiletries, hair products and make up I only pack small containers and use cloth zip bags purchased at REI. To separate medicines, beach items and toiletries.

And I always pack an empty nylon bag because I need a place for my purchases.

Fortunately, for me unpacking and repacking is not a headache.