Fulfiller of Travel Dreams

Connecting with the people and culture of the places we visit

About Fay

Planning Dream Vacations for Her Clients

Fay deHaasFay deHaas is an Master cruise counselor with a passion for exploring the world. She believes connecting with the people and culture of the places we visit is the best way to travel. Fay puts her knowledge as a travel professional to work planning dream vacations for her clients.

Our family vacations are treasured memories.

Personalized Experience and Exceptional Customer Service

An experienced traveler, Fay’s goal is to give each client a personalized experience and exceptional customer service. Through the trips she plans, Fay’s clients come to appreciate the old adage that “travel is broadening.” They get to see first-hand how people in other countries live their lives—how they work and play, the food they eat, the buildings they live in, and what inspires their art and culture.

Fay says, “The world truly is a big place, and everybody is different. My clients get a chance to experience and appreciate those differences.”

More About Fay

Fay also has more than 25 years of outstanding experience in recruiting, sales and customer service. Her background ranges from IT and medical recruiting to career advising and assisting students with their career path.

Fay is active in the volunteer community, whether it’s organizing a comedy night or fashion show or volunteering in a soup kitchen. She enjoys each experience and has built many wonderful relationships.

Fay has lived in West Hartford for 18 years with her husband Ernie and their son David. As a family, they have traveled throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, Israel and South America, tracing their ancestries, visiting historic landmarks, meeting interesting people, and soaking up the culture.

Says Fay, “Our family vacations are treasured memories. We love to see how people live, savor and appreciate the local food, and find out what everyday lives are like in different parts of the world.”

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  • Religious Group Travel
  • River Cruising through Europe
  • Events at Sea


  • Master Cruise Counselor
  • Certified Travel Associate
  • Princess Commodore Agent
  • Certified Royal Caribbean Expert plus Specialist
  • Norwegian Freestyle Specialist
  • Niche Cruise Specialist including river cruises
  • Jamaica, Israel and St Lucia Destination Specialis
  • All-inclusive Resort Specialist
  • Cunard cruise academy commodore ranked
  • Norwegian cruise line specialist plus
  • Carnival university graduate
  • Oceania cruise specialist
  • Certified Sandals specialist
  • Hawaii Destination Specialist.